Santa Cruz'n

Do surfers are a bore you? Do they well you long stories about the incredible, dramatic moments they experienced in the water? That majestic, awesome expanse of sky that seemed to burn like curtain of lava. The brilliant ripples of light in the distance and the heaving, ghostly green walls of waves. They are wearing out the words while our non surfing friends slip ever deeper into boredom.

My advice to is this : stop talking. Instead, click on the link to Astrocruzan's Flickr portfolio. Better yet, hit the link to his Surf Photo Set. Luxuriate in the colors. Let the power of the water overwhelm your eyes in silence.  [ View Portfolio ]


Anonymous said...

That is a great picture. I have a surfing website as well.

The Surfboard Man said...

Aloha I am a surf photographer aswell
check out the site
Tell me what you think of it

Jim said...

That's an awesome shot


Wavetribe said...

Absolutely right. No point in giving lectures about surfing to non-surfing friends. Best thing that can be done is take them along:)
"An action is better than a thousand words"