About Us

We love surf. And great surf photos help to capture those brilliant moments of passion forever. That's why we highlight the best ocean views, action surf shots and exotic locations from around the world. We are especially interested in new, up-and-coming photographers who may not have hit the cover of Surfer Mag yet. If you have a site you would like us to profile please send an e-mail to chris tobias at yahoo dot com. Please put 'world surf blog' in the topic so I don't accidentally all delete your e-mail.

Here are the questions we get asked a lot:

Do you make money with this site?

We make a pitifully small amount of money from advertising. It comes to about 12 cents per hour for all the work it takes to do this site. So yes - we make money. And no, we don't make money. We do it because we love surf photography.

Aren't you stealing people's shots?

Where possible we ask permission for 'acceptable use'. When this is not possible we look for alternatives. Our intent is to create traffic for the surf photographer so they are usually glad to let us post one of their shots. It whets peoples appetite for more. Hopefully when you see the one photo you will click through for more.

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