Doug Acker must spend countless hours driving the two lane tarmacs of Florida's East coast looking for great surf. Occasionally he finds it. More often he finds the rolling, bumpy slush that serves as daily surf fare along America's deepest southern shore. flsurfer.com is more of an 'action shot' site than an artistic site. It features endless pages of young shortboarders swacking the lip and cutting back with a fantail spray across a crumbly wave face. There is passion and a lot of energy in his shots, regardless of the water conditions. I also give Doug high marks for organizing the site into such an easily navigated gallery. I can't even begin to look through all the photos. And Doug seems to be everywhere - on every beach and scouting every wave. If you surf the great south land you may well find yourself captured in one of his galleries. You can even buy a shot of yourself from Doug, much like the Hawaiian surf tourists who frequent Hawaiian Water Shots. He also features the best daily surf cams for his area and has pulled together an impressive list of links to get you connected with the east coast surf scene in Florida. So stop worrying about what the surf report says and go for a drive along the southern coast. You'll see Doug where ever you go. [ view gallery ]

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